James Kies CEO, Awesome Plus Us, an Academy of Leadership and Learning,
IT Consultant, Trainer for Hire, Speaker and Agile Scrum Coach Trainer

James is definitely one of the leaders of the pack.  His endless energy has already taken him on 4 lifetimes worth of adventure.  He has expert technical knowledge with a keen eye for process improvement. Despite his technology businesses and affections you will find him happiest working with people, families, teams of people, entire organizations or cultures of people to increase the awesome, the victory, and the success.

James is certified by the Agile Scrum Alliance as well as the John C. Maxwell Company. James currently serves on the Presidential Advisory Council to John C. Maxwell and Paul Martinelli. James also teaches for the Learning Tree Company and is a distinguished software developer, author and trainer.

An infectious joy for life and an unforgettable wit. Despite not being the most handsome man in the universe I can bring a charisma +1 to any event through sheer tour de force. A collection of experiences and proven learning and leadership principals James can add immense value to the situation you are facing.

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods.

Working together, I will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

I have a rare condition that enables me to be both the type of person ideally suited as a high energy Coach, Trainer, Speaker AND the type of person that could join a team of programmers, designers, dbas and architects to become the team captain of squad-uber-geeks for 2 months of 16 hours a day writing code. I pair well with other coaches to help bring full organizational change both inside and outside of the IT department. Powerful storytelling and a rich high-performing background opens doors with people and allows me to come into their lives and be a professional encouragement to them and a strategic offensive coach to their growth and remover of performance blocks.

Certified Agile, Scrum, Coaching, Teaching JMT Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker Expert-level credentials in Enterprise Software Development dozens of platforms, languages and mediums High-Performing Team Coach Software Development Coach Business and Organization Model Reboots to get out of 3rd gear organization wide.

Contact Me. I am looking forward to assisting you on your journey to becoming a successful leader.

Frequent Variety of Live Training Call's

Frequently we make live coaching audio calls designed for the internet headset or classic phone access available to our members.

Live Online Trainings are recorded

Custom online training and coaching opportunities for programmers and Scrum project team members are often recorded and made available to members.

Fully Embedded

Our teaching philosophy is all about fully embedding people in real scenarios performing real work right alongside experts running mock scenarios and reliving key project scenarios.

Strategic Resource

A living resource to help you achieve more and leverage the advancements of our time to the fullest degree.


  • 2014
  • Launched Awesome Plus Academy of Leadership and Learning

    July 2014 - present

    The decision to create APA was really about a shift in focus for me. I didn't want to be type casted as so exclusively working with the high end technology space and within that mastering the Art of Discovery, Design, Estimation, Development and Delivery. I wanted to step into an Academy role where I could divide my time and express my more recent interests in Personal and Professional Development and Performance Coaching. The Academy allows many coaches to come together to host, list and provide service operating out of their core areas of expertise.

    http://www.awesomeplus.us Awesome Plus (dot) Us Academy of Leadership and Learning
  • Awesome Plus Us Training Site Launches!

    July 2014

    Part of the Awesome Plus Us model is to teach out of what we are developing in. Currently that is Angular Js from a Microsoft .NET perspective.

    Visit the site and sign up for your first class now!

  • StageTally v1 hits market

    July 2014

    Game Style Live Event from the Stage or over the phone Crowd Voting software for mobile devices.

    Use your phone or tablet to take control of all the devices in the crowd and ask them questions and interact with them in real time.

  • Approached by The Learning Tree

    April 2014

    The Learning Tree solicited me to join their ranks, so I did! I travel back and forth to Reston, VA to teach out of the Learning Tree technical center on occasion. I am currently focused on teaching Scrum courses on the management side and C#, .NET and Angular on the technical side.

  • 10 Geek Software Closes Down

    June 2014

    It was a good run. With its primary focus on satisfying remote software development contracts 10 Geek Software closed its door's after 6 amazing years. Many good friendships will outlive that fantastic squad of uber geeks.

    10 Geek Software
  • Awarded to the John C. Maxwell Presidents Advisory Counsel

    February 2014 - present

    Within months of my joining the John Maxwell team I was invited to join the Presidential Advisory Counsel

    I put together an assortment of strategic moves I felt the organization could make to become more attractive to the next generation from a technology and technology availability stand point. I also had the privilege of sitting at the table with the President of the organization and discussing dozens of technology, VOIP, Streaming Video, Massively Deployed Social Integrations and more. Very satisfying.

  • 2013
  • DurandalJs vs AngularJs

    August 2012 - present


    I ran a few projects to move some of our old Silverlight code into pure Javascript. In doing so we ran a rather large project through Durandal Js and another through Angular Js. In doing so we proved without a shadow of a doubt, that I love them both.

    Alas time has told and Angular Js will prove the victor, but our time with Durandal was a sweet goodbye to what remained of my Silverlight g olden years.

  • Joined the John C. Maxwell professional training, coaching and speaking organization

    August 2013 - present

    What a fantastic organization to belong to. I am JMT for life.

    Because of my regular time spent with John Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, Roddy Gailbraith, Christian Simpson, Ed Decosta, Scott Fay, Melisa West and Less Brown I am more equipped than ever to help speak and teach and train power and effectiveness into teams, businesses and companies. I am capable like no other to help with the organizational impact of Scrum adoptions and help folks learn super effective programming, living and learning strategies.

  • Director of Who?

    August 2010

    In the same year I found myself serving in the Interim Director of Programming role for two very different companies. In both cases it was the best move to most advantageously help bring about some quick cultural and organizational changes and right align / fine-tune the way they went about their development life cycles.

    I found the role honoring and way more delicious than I ever thought I would, run away, run away, I could do this forever!

  • Hello Gainesville, FL!

    Nov 2011

    James, his amazing wife Tiffany and his 5 fantastic kids packed up their lives and moved 2000 miles east to sunny Florida.

    Working 80% remote and 20% travel we can live about anywhere. We felt led to the east coast, so we pretty much threw a dart at the map. We are glad we ended up here in retrospection.

  • 2009
  • James goes International!

    March 2010 - Sept 2010

    I have been embedding with lots of companies and helping with Scrum improvement for a while now but this is my first time taking it overseas!

    What a fun IT firm and we got some fantastic growth in place during my 3 2 week visits to this beautiful tiny island of Bermuda.

  • Silverlight Project Wins Awards!

    Jan 2009 - Nov 2009

    With a budget of almost half a million dollars and a high performing scrum team we took a dated product and rearchited 10 years of .NET into a brand new multi-device, touch first, beautiful product offering. We remained ahead of schedule and under budget the entire time.

    As with many of my greatest projects, this one started with a large group of folks that didn't know Scrum. Within weeks everyone was Scrum trained and forever changed.

  • Robot Builders Inc builds Massive Multiplayer Online Social Engagement for 36,000 members of IAAP!

    March 2008 - Sept 2008

    What the International Association of Administrative Professionals needed was a high touch, high engagement experince that all 600 of their charters could push out to the growing 36,000 member membership base.

    What they got was nothing short of awesome. A large scale highly available CMS and Private Members Only Portal that provided each member with a unique logged in experince and represented and itself branded and available for each of the 600 chapter entities to work with.

  • Robot Builders Inc. build private ORM tool, generates 1.5 million lines of code and goes to product

    May 2007

    Having been let down by the available ORM's RBI managed to build a fantastic ORM from scratch. Today you can delete almost 2 million lines of code from their massive Parent-Child Private Gated Members Only community software and within seconds the robot will put them right back.

    Best of all the generators produced well tested code, often allowing changes to be propagated throughout the system and head directly into production with confidence.

  • For the love of Mondays


    Did I say Mondays? I mean Scrum, for the love of Scrum! I have met scrum, and it was well met. I have tasted Scrum and it is good. Future self, this might change everything.

    Looking back it wasn't just my life that changed this day. A shift in the entire paradigm of the technical revolution took place as widely adopted process revolution was born to match the human work condition. The evolution of advancing process, technology and science have a new ally.

    From this, everything changes.

  • First paid professional software development assignment

    October 2003 - May 2006

    Globally extend worldwide data without quality. Efficiently disseminate premium markets for strategic initiatives. Completely orchestrate effective e-business and unique partnerships.

  • 2005
  • Visual C++ to save us from Y2K

    Nov 1999

    First big project flying solo. It secretly installed itself when our customer's installations checked in for evening updates. It reviewed config files, database files and log files looking for numerous markers that would let me know if they had in deed updated everything to our Y2K compliant builds.

    It was notable because I created a fun to look at dashboard that showed everyone off in a color coded at a glance easy to understand way that gained lots of positive reviews.

  • First paid professional software development assignment

    October 2003 - May 2006

    Globally extend worldwide data without quality. Efficiently disseminate premium markets for strategic initiatives. Completely orchestrate effective e-business and unique partnerships.

  • 1992
  • Wildcat BBS

    Summer 1992

    What does a 12 yr old have with a 4 port modem bank anyway? And who the heck is going to help pay Ma'Bell for 3 (I couldn't afford the 4th) lines?


LIVE CROWD VOTING SOFTWARE FOR ALL DEVICES LIVE CROWD VOTING SOFTWARE was a step in that direction to give Coaches, Speakers and Educators a tool for asking questions on the fly from the stage. Perfect for working with concerts, arenas, various performances, large all staff meetings, large planning sessions, large group discussion, or pick numerous others from a growing list of 1,000 uses of Stereo Feedback. .

I will post pics of subsequent products that are to follow as they become available. You can look forward to such products as:
  • Planning Poker - Software to help teams estimate relative metrics such as relative cost or relative value metrics in Scrum. Offers two distinct modes and a clean modified Fibonacci Sequence.
  • Slap It, Crowd Buzz and a bunch of Snivley farts: On the fly Gameshow Software to facilitate playing games and interacting with larger and larger groups. Can handle up to 50,000 participants in a single room playing with the "buzzer" for instance. Offers 5 game modes: Buzzer, Word Find, Select One, Sort The List and the Magic Cue-Ball List Randomizer.
    There are variations for the Many to Many and Teams v Teams game modes planned for the future.
  • Instant Contact - Prospecting Tool ~ Network Marketing Software
  • Wall Radiator / Board Software - finally get to cloning scrumblr/urmyproject
  • Chores List 2000 - House hold management software for couples and families.
  • Pet Minder 2020 - Caretaker software for helping care for your pets or the pets of others. Can also be used to track other miscellaneous things like AC Filters, Water Filters, Salt Fills, Lawn Mowing and other misc. preventative maintenance .

  • Stage Tally

    Stage Tally

    Live Real Time Crowd Voting Software for in person, on stage, in the class room or on over the phone or radio. Stage Tally is a new technology space for professional speakers, stage performers, auditoriums and musical venues.

    View Details
  • Tiick Tock Coming Soon Page

    Awesome Plus Us

    I host regular calls, routing trainings and build lots of custom software for folks through the Academy. It is also a place where other coaches have been able to join me in offering their array of service along a common business model to help bring an amazing new flavor of service to you. Check us out today!

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I am like the piano man come to tune your piano. Only in this case it is to fine-tune not just your IT and custom software development practices but your leadership and process technique as well. Similar effort as today, using the same people you already have in your company, on your team, or in your organization we can improve your bottom line from 300% to as high as 7,000% in some cases.

22609 NW CR 236 suite B

High Springs, FL 32643

Mobile: (785) 248 - 6187

Email: James@JamesKies.com